Remigia Spagnolo

Founder of “Professional Dreamers Project” 

Dreamers’ psychologist, Facilitator and Trainer

Born in Turin, Italy, where she lives. Work and organisational psychologist, professional dreamers’ coach psychologist, international trainer for personal and professional growth and entrepreneurial mindset.

She has been working seventeen years as HR manager, consultant and trainer and, in the last years, she has been involved in international projects on the field of start-up, digital innovation, facilitation in business and organisational development.

Remigia Spagnolo started the The Professional Dreamers Project in 2010 and has been developing it since then.

Her last italian book, which will be released at the end of July 2017, “A promising unknown: fulfilling our professional dream for an ori-genial destiny” is the result and the testimony of a journey of study, research, teaching, and fulfilment of her own professional dream starting in 2010: helping the others to fulfil their own one by means of suitable psychological and meditation tools.

Pritpal Kaur Trevisan

Dreamers’ sourcer and international strategic connector

Born in Nairobi, Kenya. Grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been living in Torino (Italy) since 2015. An experienced HR recruitment and business professional with an entrepreneurial mindset, she enjoys working with enterprising businesses.

Having an interesting combination of skills gained from extensive HR recruitment along with converting a start up idea to a successful operational business, she knows how to search for and identify other “professional dreamers”.

She is responsible for the strategic and operational efforts for sourcing and selecting talented and visionary people for our clients and for connecting them around the world in potential projects and start-ups

Lenni George

Dreamers’ Pedagogist, Facilitator and Trainer

Born in London and raised in Cyprus, she has been living in Torino (Italy) since 1999. As a trained pedagogist, she has designed and delivered training and facilitation in more than 40 countries to more than 179 nationalities.  A great deal of her work has been with start-up companies; helping to turn their dreams into realities.

She also helps to upgrade the skills of business development organisations who serve and support entrepreneurs.  The Government of Kosovo presented her an award for her training and facilitation contribution to peace and stability in the region, and by the Government of Hong Kong for her work in Youth Employment.

She describes herself as an “Alchemist”; drawing out the latent potential that exists within each person or organisation. She has published works on capacity development, management and leadership, aspects of equality and the research method known as phenomenography

Nat Clegg

Dreamers’ Transpersonal Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

Born in Rochdale, North West England, he has been living in Torino (Italy) since 1999.  He’s a trans-personal coach and psychotherapist, trainer and facilitator.

He considers the professional dreaming process as a key to being authentic and where the seeds of surety can be planted; a way to move along our life path. This passion of art and dreaming is also part of his academic growth. At the moment he is researching how, in different ways, art and narrative in coaching affect people’s transformation.

More recently he has been involved with training coaches for entrepreneurs in fragile states, for example Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, to increase stability in work for entrepreneurs and in turn, to bring greater stability in society as a contribution to peace. This has supplied him with many rich and thought-provoking stories to learn from.

David G. Kidd

Dreamers’ International Business Mentor and Developer

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and in the mid 90’s his work brought him to Turin, Italy, where he has been living since. With an international management experience across Europe over the past 25 years he has built close relationships across different geographies, cultures, and organisations.

He really enjoys the dynamics of managing organisational change on the ground and bringing people along with him. With a strong international business development background he has skills in building motivated teams, driving growth, launching new projects and developing new business opportunities on international markets.

He assists businesses to move forward, move from plan to action, from where they are to where they would like to be.

Professional Dreamers:
  • entrepreneurs
  • students
  • teachers
  • freelancers
  • scientists
  • artists
  • designers
  • technicians
  • engineers
  • psychologists
  • doctors
  • architects
  • musicians
  • filmmakers
  • athletes
  • marketers
  • developers
  • writers
  • inventors
  • researchers
  • singers
  • painters
  • dancers
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • mentors
  • startupper