Professional Dreamers Project

The Professional Dreamer Project was born in Italy after some international explorations and experiences about the “professional dream” made by the Founder.

It was conceived to help individuals with any kind of profession as well as teams (companies, start-ups, institutions, high-school and university students…) to realise ideas and worthy projects so as to fulfil their “professional dreams”.

The projects combines the passion and the competence of people sharing the same vision of the project: dreamers’ coaching psychologists, dreamers’ trainers pedagogists, dreamers’ business mentors, dreamers’ recruiters and connectors, dreamers’ business developers. Actual professional dreamers, english and italian speaking with scientific background, artistic and entrepreneurial attitude and an international and multi-cultural strategic network.

The projects was conceived to:

  • help people who want to self-fulfil professionally to start a tailored, authentic and joyful personal development process supported by suitable psychological tools, techniques and artistic methods of expression referring to “the psychology of professional dreams fulfilment” (theory, techniques and tools developed by Remigia Spagnolo thanks to her studies and investigations both in Italy and abroad carried out since 2010);
  • identify and bring together, beyond national borders, aspiring or existing professional dreamers who can bring to life new ideas, projects and worthy achievements;
  • spread the values of meritocracy and commitment, of authenticity and willingness, of professional and cultural exchange – and make their importance stronger within a critical social, economic and political context – in order to achieve individual wellness and improve everybody’s world.

How and why this project was conceived

The project is the evolution of the “professional dream” of Remigia Spagnolo, a coaching psychologist, who aims to help people to fulfil their own one and spread new energies and positive growing opportunities.

Started in 2010 with a series of interviews to people who have achieved worthy deeds both for themselves and for the others, her project (now on this site) has then developed through observation with and among ‘dreamers’: participants in her business training courses, university students, start-uppers, talented people and graduates in need for counseling attending her classes because they wanted to discover how to develop their psychological competence in a simple and interactive way so as to make their dreams come true.

After a series of interviews collected and published in 2013 as Professional Dreamers. Stories of Creativity and Success, edited by G. Giappichelli Editore and a few HR articles, the project developed following the authoress’ investigations in Italy and abroad for the creation of a suitable teaching and training method, coaching tools and techniques that can be summed up as professional dream coaching psychology.

The project has been documented through articles and in a new book about to be published titled A promising unknown: fulfilling a professional dream for an ori-genial destiny in which the authoress also tells her own one.

Remigia Spagnolo has always worked in teams with artists and dreamers and accomplished artistic experiences linked to dreams, like the book cover “The Door to dreams” by the artist Antonio Cavallo.

Professional Dreamers:
  • entrepreneurs
  • students
  • teachers
  • freelancers
  • scientists
  • artists
  • designers
  • technicians
  • engineers
  • psychologists
  • doctors
  • architects
  • musicians
  • filmmakers
  • athletes
  • marketers
  • developers
  • writers
  • inventors
  • researchers
  • singers
  • painters
  • dancers
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • mentors
  • startupper